TACOP Increases Patrols for Mischief Night

TACOP is increasing patrols of Towson streets on “Mischief Night,” Sunday, October 30, to deter Halloween pranksters and troublemakers on the eve of Halloween.  Working in partnership with the Baltimore County Police, COP Mischief Prevention Patrols will be out in force that evening to discourage mischievous acts like egg throwing and wrapping trees and porches with rolls of toilet paper in downtown Towson and its 25 surrounding neighborhoods. 

        For 16 years, TACOP’s (Towson Area Citizens on Patrol) volunteer car patrols, walkers, joggers, bikers and dog walkers have established a visible presence in Towson on Mischief Night and serve as a major deterrent to pranks and delinquent activity.  While most pranks are not crimes, tossing raw eggs at cars damages the car’s paint if it is not washed off immediately and raw egg fights leave a mess which residents and businesses have to clean up.  Since the inception of TACOP’s Mischief Night patrols, the number of incidents has declined.

       TACOP’s Mischief Night, which is open to the public, starts at 6 PM on October 30 at the Baltimore County Police Hillendale Resource Center located at 1055 Taylor Avenue.  Attendees are asked to bring hats, gloves, scarves and peanut butter packaged in anything but glass jars to donate to the Shelters and Family Crisis Center.  After the COP volunteers network, compare notes on their neighborhood patrols and enjoy light refreshments, the Mischief Prevention patrol schedule will be finalized. 

      Most COP volunteer drivers will have magnetized signs on their cars identifying them as COP patrollers and a blinking light on the car’s roof, although others will be unmarked as they patrol. Patrollers carry their cell phones and call 911 if they see suspect activity.

       TACOP is a 501c3 organization founded in 2000 to help Towson Area neighborhoods start COP programs and is solely supported by donations.

       For more information refer to https://towsonareacop.wordpress.com/about/.

TACOP Contacts:    

  Mike Calwell, President  mikecalwell@gmail.com  (443) 829-5276

Pat France, Vice-President  tapecnarf@gmail.com 410-828-5564

Janice Arcieri, Secretary  janjoeka@comcast.net  443-465-0150

Janet Eveleth, PR/Media  janeveleth@verizon.net  410-821-1008

Barbara Lewis, Website Coord blewis711@gmail.com 410-663-4266

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National Night Out August 2, 2016

     The annual National Night Out motorcade of Baltimore County police, firefighters and volunteers from the Towson Area Citizens On Patrol (TACOP) will drive through Towson to show support for the area’s crime prevention initiatives. National Night Out is celebrated across the country on the first Tuesday of August. Highlights of Towson’s National Night Out include a rally and a police escorted motorcade which drives through Towson’s 26 COP neighborhoods.

       Every year, National Night Out attracts hundreds of residents who turn on their lights, walk their neighborhood streets, interact with the police, cheer the motorcade and applaud TACOP’s community crime fighting efforts. Everyone attending the National Night Out rally is asked to bring 2-3 non-perishable items of food or travel size toiletries to donate to the Assistance Center of Towson Churches to help Towson’s needy.

     The event will begin with a rally on August 2th at 5:30 PM. Towson residents, TACOP volunteers and representatives of the Police and Community Relations Council (PCRC), Providence Volunteer Fire Company and the Baltimore County Police will gather for the rally at Towson Marketplace, in front of TOYS R US and Michael’s on Putty Hill Avenue. At the conclusion of the rally, the police-escorted motorcade will lead the Fire and Police Vehicle Parade.

nno flyer August 2, 2016

TACOP Rally Against Crime to Honor Towson Heroes

When the Towson Area Citizens On Patrol (TACOP) presents its annual Rally Against Crime, local residents, community leaders, students and businesses come out to support it and show crime is not welcome in Towson. One of the highlights of this major event is TACOP’s ceremony honoring members of the community who have demonstrated an outstanding effort in fighting local crime to keep Towson safe.

            The 2016 TACOP heroes include:

  • Achievement Award: Captain Jay Landsman, Jr. and his staff for outstanding service to our Towson community;
  • Recognition Award: Randy Guraleczka for excellent service to the Towson Community;
  • Appreciation Award: Officer Kathy Kraemer and Stacia Smith for service above and beyond the call of duty;
  • Police and Community Relations Council Precinct Six 2015 Officer of the Year: Officer Candice Covington.

TACOP Recognition Awards will be presented to these honorees, or their representatives, for their significant contributions in the Towson community.  

            The 16th annual TACOP Rally Against Crime will be held Friday, June 17, 2016, 6:00 to 6:30 PM, at Allegheny Avenue between Washington Avenue and the Roundabout. Towson’s popular Friday night “Feet on the Street” block party will follow the Rally. This year’s corporate sponsor is MidState Community Bank at York Road and Register Avenue.

        Every year, a large number of elected officials, business leaders, local residents and students turn out for the Rally to show their support for TACOP and its efforts to fight crime and keep Towson safe.

          Working in partnership with the Baltimore County Police, TACOP volunteers patrol the streets of Towson to help keep residents, businesses and students safe. These volunteers monitor criminal activity in Towson and immediately call 911 to report any suspected crimes they observe while on patrol. 

         TACOP invites the public to come out for its June 17 Rally Against Crime. Families are encouraged to bring their children to enjoy activities like climbing on a fire truck, sitting in a police car and getting inside of a race car.  See https://towsonareacop.wordpress.com/about/ for more information.

         TACOP is a 501c3 organization founded in 2000 to help Towson Area neighborhoods start COP Programs. Currently, TACOP has 25 active COP neighborhoods, solely supported by donations from the public.

TACOP Contacts:    

Mike Calwell, President  mikecalwell@gmail.com  443-829-5276

Pat France, Vice-President  TapEcnarf@gmail.com 410-828-5564

Janice Arcieri, Secretary  janjoeka@comcast.net  443-465-0150

Barbara Lewis, Website Coord blewis711@gmail.com 410-663-4266

Janet Eveleth, PR/Media  janeveleth@verizon.net  410-821-1008

Kathy Fick, Fundraising Coordinator kathyhfick@comcast.net 410-825-8275