TACOP Rally Against Crime Annual Event

Towson Area COP has its Rally Against Crime Event on June 17th with FEET ON THE STREET located at Allegheny Ave and the Circle. From  6:00-6:30 PM.
Achievement Award will go to Captain Jay Landsman and his staff for Outstanding Service to the Towson Community;  Recognition Award goes to Lt Randy Guralecska, for excellent service to Towson Community;
Appreciation Award goes to Officer Kathy Kraemer and Stacy Smith for Service above and Beyond the call of duty and PCRC Towson Precinct’s Officer Of The Year for 2015, Officer Candice Covington.
Always an excellent and exciting event. Major sponsor for the event is MidState Community Bank on York Road at Register Avenue.  This is a family event, bring the kids and enjoy Feet on the Street after TACOP’s event.  Rain location is Trinity Episcopal Church, 120 Allegheny Ave at 6:00 PM
For further information call Pat France, 410-828-5564 or email: TapEcnarf@gmail.com.

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