Baltimore County’s 911 Center Tour

Citizens on Patrol to Tour Towson 911 Center

          On January 6, the Towson Area Citizens of Patrol (TACOP) will tour Baltimore County’s 911 Center to see firsthand how emergency 911 calls are handled and disbursed.  The tour is conducted by the Baltimore County Police to educate and inform TACOP volunteers, who patrol the streets of Towson neighborhoods to keep residents safe, about the function of the 911 Center. COP volunteers will discover what happens when they observe suspected criminal activity while on patrol and call 911 to report it. The tour is open to the public.

During the tour, TACOP volunteers will learn about the high volume of 911 calls received by the Center’s operators and will listen to actual emergency calls coming in.  They will understand why 911 call takers ask so many questions and learn how calls are filtered to the appropriate department.  Attendees will also witness actual emergency calls from the County’s 10 Precincts.

The 911 Center tour is open to the public, but anyone interested in attending needs to register with TACOP by calling Pat France at 410-828-5564 or emailing her at  by January 3. The tour begins at 7:00 PM, so attendees are asked to gather in the Baltimore County Circuit Courthouse lobby, located at 401 Bosley Avenue, by 6:45 PM.  Parking should be available on Chesapeake, Pennsylvania and Baltimore Avenues.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. No child under 7 may attend.  Cell phones are permitted in the Courthouse, provided that the device clears security. Possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices may be limited or prohibited in designated areas of the Court facility.

TACOP is a 501c3 organization founded in 2000 to help Towson Area neighborhoods start COP programs and is solely supported by donations.

For more information, refer to

TACOP Contacts:    

Mike Calwell, President  (443) 829-5276

Pat France, Vice-President  410-828-5564

Janice Arcieri, Secretary  443-465-0150

Janet Eveleth, PR/Media  410-821-1008

Barbara Lewis, Website 410-663-4266


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