Thefts From Auto Update

Once again I am getting the word out to all Communities in Towson to spread the word amongst the residents to lock up their vehicles when parked and secure all valuables please. Many of our communities, especially those along the County/City Line and in the York Rd and Loch Raven Blvd corridors are still experiencing a rash of thefts from vehicles. Our Officers are aggressively patrolling our neighborhoods, investigating these incidents and making arrests, recovering property.  In the past couple weeks we have made two arrests of two suspects, four people in all. Interviewing these Suspects they’re telling us they are breaking in to unlocked, unsecured vehicles and taking out those items of value readily available–GPS, cellphones, Ipods, Tablets, etc.
I know some folks are reporting forcible entry into their cars, some are talking of electronic devices capable of decoding electronic door locks and/or alarms but through our investigations we are not validating any of these statements. We do get the occasional broken window, flexed door but mostly still it is vehicles left unsecured, unlocked with valuables in plain view inside. We’ve not recovered any type of electronic device from any Suspect Arrested when searched incident to that Arrest. Our Detectives have no knowledge of these “electronic devices” being used. Almost every vehicle made today has some form of electronic entry thus using a “slim jim” (a thin straight metal bar) is an outdated, ineffective tool to open a car door–which is why our Officers no longer carry “slim jims” in our cars.
So please once again spread the word to your neighbors, friends, families to remove or secure all valuables within their vehicles and properly close, lock all vehicle windows and doors. Should anyone see anyone acting suspicious or secretive in their neighborhood please call 9-1-1 immediately so that our Officers can respond out and identify the person/s in question. Talking amongst yourselves about suspicious activity/persons is fine but if nobody is calling us when these people/activities are happening it is hard for us to identify those people and figure out if they’re connected with a later criminal act.
With the Holiday shopping season fast approaching this friendly reminder is timely too!
Thank You for continued cooperation and support!
Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT 

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