Citizen Mischief Prevention Patrols to Monitor Towson Streets Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening, “Mischief Night,” Towson Area Citizens on Patrol
will be out in force, patrolling Towson streets to deter Halloween pranksters
and troublemakers on the eve of Halloween. Working in partnership with the
Baltimore County Police, COP Mischief Prevention Patrols will discourage
mischievous acts like egg throwing and wrapping trees, porches and cars with rolls
of toilet paper in downtown Towson and its 25 surrounding neighborhoods.
While most pranks are not crimes, tossing raw eggs at cars damages the car’s
paint if it is not washed off immediately and raw egg fights leave a mess which
residents and businesses have to clean up. In the last 14 years, COP volunteers
have established a visible presence in Towson on Mischief Night and serve as a
deterrent to pranks and delinquent activity.

TACOP’s Mischief Night, which is open to the public, starts at 6 PM
on October 30 at the Baltimore County Police Hillendale Resource Center
located at 1055 Taylor Avenue. Attendees are asked to bring hats, gloves and
scarves to donate to the Shelters and Family Crisis Center. After the COP
volunteers network, compare notes on their neighborhoods patrols and enjoy
light refreshments, the Mischief Prevention patrol schedule is reviewed. Patrols
commence at 7 PM and run through midnight.
Most COP volunteer drivers will have magnetized signs on their cars identifying them as COP patrollers and a blinking light on the car’s roof, although others will be unmarked as they patrol. Patrollers carry their cell phones and call 911 if they see suspect activity.

For more information refer to
TACOP Contacts:
Mike Calwell, President (443) 829-5276
Pat France, Vice-President 410-828-5564
Janice Arcieri, Secretary 443-465-0150
Janet Eveleth, PR/Media 410-821-1008
Barbara Lewis, Website Coord 410-663-4266


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