Theft Alert‏

Sargent Fink

Hello, want to alert all to a recent crime trend we are experiencing in some of our Towson Communities requesting all to be aware of what’s happening and contacting us when ever seeing/hearing suspicious subjects or activities. Precinct 6 Officers have been investigating Thefts from Vehicles where subjects are entering parked vehicles to steal the GPS unit out of the vehicle. Where in past email alerts I’ve talked to the need of everyone to properly secure their vehicles to reduce their possibility of being victimized this time I’m not only asking that but specifically asking that folks either take their GPS out of their vehicle or in the very least storing it out of sight upon parking their vehicle.  Reports are being initiated whether the vehicle was damaged or not upon entry because the GPS has been stolen. In some instances the vehicle is not locked and the GPS is in plain view so the subject simply opens the door and removes the GPS, in others the vehicle is properly secured, locked with all windows closed but the GPS is in plain view inside thus the subject is breaking a window to gain entry and remove the GPS.  This is why I’m asking all to not only properly secure their vehicles every time but to also put not only the GPS securely out of sight but all valuables need to be out of sight. Reduce the possibility of being a Victim by leaving nothing of possible value in plain sight within your vehicle. 
As always spread the word to your friends and neighbors of this alert and contact us via 9-1-1 anytime you see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood.  The cooperative effort between Residents and Police to maintain safe Communities is what makes Towson as safe an area for all as possible.  Thank You once again for all your cooperation in this effort.
Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT

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