Theft From Autos

Afternoon, it has come to the attention of those of us here at Towson Precinct that Theft from Autos are occurring once again in our Loch Raven Communities. Presently we don’t have any Suspect information but this is once again an opportunity to get the word out to Yourselves and your families, friends and neighbors to properly secure your vehicles and valuables. To keep an eye out in your neighborhood for anyone acting suspicious or criminal and to then call 9-1-1 so that our Officers can respond to investigate.
Even if minimal to no property loss occurs when these subjects go through a neighborhood looking for open car doors, windows and cars with valuables out in the open–i.e., GPS, cell phones, loose change, pocketbooks, etc. Always lock your vehicles, secure windows and keep valuables either out of the vehicle or out of plain sight. Please contact us so that we may document the incident and recognize for ourselves a developing trend. Upon recognizing this type of criminal trend is occurring we can direct our Patrols in the ways needed to combat this activity thus decrease it’s frequency.
Thank You, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT

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