That Time of Year

Snow’s all melted, temperatures are climbing finally as we escape the throws of this past Winter and turn to Spring!
As we do folks are getting out all their lawn equipment and yard furniture to maintain their yards and enjoy the warmth of Spring and Summer. 
Sadly though this seasonal change also brings out those that prey upon us and I’m not talking bees and mosquitoes! No, I’m talking of those Pests amongst us that desire our stuff without asking and not returning!
These Criminal Pests aren’t out in force yet but with some preventative maintenance maybe we can keep them away as we do the dandelions and beetles from our yards!
When finished all your yard work put all your tools back where they belong, behind closed doors and lock those doors! If your yard is fenced in secure the gates at night. Bicycles, toys, other small yard items should be put away at night and secured.  Done driving for the day lock your car up tight and don’t leave things like GPS, cellphones, money, wallets, purses lying out in the open in your vehicles.
Taking the minute or two necessary to secure your property before turning in for the night will reduce your vulnerability to those undesirables walking our neighborhoods.  The more secure our communities are the less desirable they become to those not welcome in them. So please get the word out to all your family, friends and neighbors to do their part in making our neighborhoods as safe as possible and as always encourage them to call 9-1-1 anytime they see or suspect suspicious or criminal activity occurring around them.
Thanks, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT

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