TACOP (Towson Area Citizens On Patrol) is a different organization from PCRC (Police and Community Relations Council).  

 PCRCis a volunteer organization in most Baltimore County Police Precincts.  The PCRC meetings provide a line of communication between the public and the police. The Police Captain of the Precinct attends monthly meetings.  PCRC most often has a speaker so citizens can learn about the workings of Police department or other community organizations. Recently, for example, PCRC had an officer speak on speed cameras.  In an upcoming Precinct 6 meeting, an officer will speak on Crime Analysis.  Members of PCRC regularly recognize individual officers within their precincts through various yearly and monthly awards.  Precinct 6 PCRC meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  

TACOP is a volunteer organization, founded and operated by volunteers.  TACOP operates solely on donations from the public.  TACOP is supported 100% by the Police but we receive no money from the County.   TACOP has events throughout the year.   TACOP helps Precinct 6 neighborhoods start a Citizen On Patrol Program. TACOP has events throughout the year to educate the public that we are out there as the eyes and ears of the Police. TACOP meets on 1st Tuesdays.


The two organizations support each other since public safety and fighting crime are both part of their missions.


For TACOP information: Contact Pat France 410-828-5564

For PCRC information: Contact Wesley Wood 410-823-2578



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