MARK YOUR CALENDAR 10/30/13 Mischief Night

Towson Area Citizens On Patrol

COPS Are Prepared For


WHAT: We patrol our streets and schools the night before Halloween, a night when young vandals frequently cause trouble. Towson Police Precinct Six Captain Richard Howard; Sgt. Stephen Fink; Officer Kristy Fuka and Baltimore County Police; David Marks, County Council; and Scott Shellenberger, States Attorney will meet at the Police Hillendale Resource Center, 1055 Taylor Avenue for instruction and support. We will not tolerate graffiti, throwing eggs, smashing pumpkins, breaking windows, slashing tires or any other harmful mischief on Mischief Night or any other night. TACOP and the Baltimore County Police work together to curb crime and damage on our streets, properties, and schools. COPs from twenty-four communities in PRECINCT-6 will register their cell phone numbers before patrolling. TACOP Bike patrollers will be out and about on Halloween night.

WHERE: 1055 TAYLOR AVENUE (nearest cross street is Loch Raven Blvd) The Hillendale Police Resource Center is headquarters for the evening patrols. Officer Kristy Fuka will be dispatching officers and patrollers from the command post into our neighborhoods. Patrollers may report vandalism and or misbehavior and requests for police assistance to Officer Kristy Fuka by cell phone.

WHY: To help make Mischief Night a Safe Night in Towson, TACOP is deploying 40+ cars in twenty-four communities and several business districts. We maximize police effectiveness with organized patrollers and police officers at the ready. Juvenile crime has been the number one category in Baltimore County police statistics. Mischief Night patrols is only a part of our continued fight against crime in the Towson area.


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 @ 6:00 – 6:30PM Light Fare Gathering and Networking. Check In; 6:30 Group Photo and Instructions: 7:00PM – Midnight COP Patrols.

PARTICIPATING NEIGHBORHOODS: Anneslie, Campus Hills, East Towson, Glendale/Glenmont, Greenbrier, Hillendale, Idlewylde, Loch Hill. Loch Raven Village, Knettishall, Knollwood/Donnybrook, Aigburth Manor, Aigburth Vale Mansion Senior Community, Donnybrook Apartments, Fellowship Forest, Overbrook Community, Olde Hillendale, Ridgeleigh, Ridgely Condominium, Rodgers Forge, Southland Hills, Stoneleigh, Towson Manor Village, Virginia Towers, Wiltondale and Yorkleigh. This year we have invited Precinct 7  Patrollers to join us.


Pat France, Vice President TACOP  410-828-5564 ; 

Mike Calwell, President TACOP 443-829-5276

Janice Arcieri Secretary TACOP 443-465-0150

 Officer Kristy Fuka, BCPD 410-887-5933


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